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Whether you are a vintage fun, a mechanical keyboards geek, or just want to upgrade your typing experience – You’ve come to the right place!

Here you’ll find all the reviews and information you need to choose the best typewriter keyboard for your needs.

A Blog All About Typewriter Keyboards

Hi, I’m Shachar Pan – a blogger and digital entrepreneur. Apart from my interest in today mechanical keyboards, I like the retro feel and the sound of typewriters. This led me to explore different kinds of mechanical typewriter keyboards – not the oldish typewriter machines but rather modern keyboards with typewriter keys.

The cool thing about these keyboards is that they are really practical. You can actually work and play games on your PC and other devices while still enjoying the retro typewriter experience.

To my knowledge there are no blogs that focus solely on these kinds of keyboards, so I decided to create such a blog myself. The categories, reviews and tips in this site should help you find the vintage keyboard that suits your taste and needs.

About Shachar