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The 4 Best Retro Keyboards

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    Since the first retro keyboard design was introduced in 2014, new, various typewriter keyboards have emerged. Today you can find colorful, gaming, and other interesting modern retro designs that provide refreshing typewriter experiences. Nevertheless, these cool designs cannot compete with the pure retro designs below – keyboards that were designed specially to look and feel like the real thing.

    4 Outstanding Typewriter Keyboard Designs (a comparison)


    Main Pros


    Brand Site


    The original typewriter keyboard. High build quality.

    7Keys TW1867

    Pure retro design. Cool white backlit effects.


    The most authentic outer look. nice white lighting effects.

    Penna Retro

    Can choose Your Switches. Delicate minimalistic design.

    If you are not familiar with the different terms and features in the niche yet, look at the typewriter keyboards guide first. Otherwise, go ahead and check out our review on the top best retro keyboards:

    1. Qwerkywriter – The Original Retro Keyboard

    Qwerkywriter preimium designs

    The Qwerkywriter is the brand that started the whole typewriter keyboards trend in the first place. With a high build quality and beautiful retro design, this keyboard brings you back to the typewriter experience. At the heart of the design, there are clicky Cherry MX blue switches based on a luxury aluminum board. Above the switches, you have round keycaps with prestige metal rings. In the upper left corner of the board, you will find a return lever and scroll knobs that control volume and a page Scroll which makes work much comfortable. The combination of these quality components together makes the Qwerkywriter feel like a good old typewriter machine.

    This retro keyboard is not just beautiful and stylish but also practical. It has 2 modes for your comfort – a Bluetooth mode in which you can easily pair tablets and smartphones (3 devices all at once) and a wired mode in which you get NKRO support and great responsiveness. The Qwerkywriter is compatible with most operating systems and has an integrated stand that holds most 10–12-inch tablets very well. Note that this keyboard is pricy as it is the original, best retro keyboard in the typewriters niche.


    • The original model in the niche.
    • Elegant Retro design with the highest build quality.
    • The stand holds most devices properly.


    • A luxurious Pricy keyboard.
    • No backlit effects.

    2. 7Keys Retro Keyboard (TW1867)

    TW 1867 7Keys keyboard review

    The 7keys brand (link to Amazon) combines a lovely retro feel and the best of today’s tech features including Outemu Blue Switches for great responsiveness and clicky sounds, decorative wooden plate, scroll knobs, a nostalgic return joystick, and round keycaps. You can connect the keyboard to the PC via USB cable or use the Bluetooth mode to connect your Cellphone, Tablet, or laptop with Android, Windows10, iOS, and Mac OS systems. The metal bracket can hold up to 10-inch devices.

    One extra feature that makes this keyboard look very interesting is the led backlit. While the white lighting effects are quite basic compared to gaming boards, they add just the right level of groove for such a pure typewriter design. The return lever is used for changing light effects, which is comfortable, while the metal knobs are adjusting the volume and brightness levels.

    The TW1867 model is considerably pricy but cheaper than the Qwerkywriter. This makes sense as the build quality and design here is great but not as perfect as those of the Qwerkywriter.

    You can get this keyboard also in black and RGB backlighting effects. Check my full review of this lovely keyboard.


    • Beautiful typewriter keyboard design
    • Cool backlit effects that fit well
    • Useful knobs to adjust both volume and lights


    • A Pricy keyboard.
    • Instructions are not clear enough.

    3. RYMEK Typewriter Style Mechanical Keyboard

    DPVR KnewKey RYMEK Typewriter Style Mechanical Wired & Wireless Keyboard with Tablet Stand, Bluetooth Connection(Black)

    The Rymek typewriter-style board (Amazon) has the most authentic outer look thanks to its metal curve at the back. This keyboard has ergonomically saddle-shaped keycaps and a glossy durable surface which both contribute to the overall typewriter experience. The board has also a one-side scroll knob that controls the volume, which ensures a smooth listening experience.

    The Rymek board is portable with 83 keys, a Bluetooth connection, and a wired USB mode in which you can easily switch between them by using the return joystick. Thanks to these features you can enjoy retro typing anywhere at home or office. Also, the Rymek has nice 7 white LED dynamic backlit effects, which can boost your typing accuracy at the night and make your overall typing experience more fun. On the downside, I found that the metal bracket can hold up to 10-inch tablets and smartphones but not larger devices.

    If you wish to invest your money in a true retro keyboard design, then the Rymek should be your choice. It has the best retro keyboard look, and it has groove tech features which make it one of the coolest typewriter keyboards. While the build quality is not as high as other typewriter designs mentioned earlier, the Rymek can still serve your practical needs as far as you don’t put an Ipad pro or other heavy stuff on the stand.

    Check the keyboard’s price on the Rymek official site.


    • The most impressive outer retro look.
    • Groovy white LED lightings.
    • Useful volume knob


    • A Pricy keyboard.
    • The bracket doesn’t hold well large or heavy devices.

    4. Elretron Penna – A Minimalistic Retro Keyboard Design


    The thing that stands out in the Elretron Penna keyboard (Amazon) is the option to choose different Cherry MX Mechanical Switches. While this option is quite basic in most standard mechanical keyboards, the Penna is the only typewriter keyboard I found so far that offers different switches. With this board, you can enjoy the typewriter-style while adjusting the tactile and feedback levels you want. In addition, you have a variety of colors to choose from: baby pink, or matte black, olive green, white or cool special wood decoration, all of which makes this keyboard a special, customized retro typewriter keyboard.

    In addition to customization, I personally like the distinctive minimalistic design here. Unlike other models in this list, the Penna board offers a built-in cradle that can hold your tablet or phone at the ideal angle for viewing. I believe that the reason there are no scroll knobs in here is to stay minimalistic. The return lever and diamond keycaps give the board a full-bodied typewriter appeal. I find these keycaps special as they resemble the other kinds of typewriters such as the Torpedo or Adler machines.

    The Penna board has several practical advantages too. For example, pairing not just 3 but 5 devices via Bluetooth. These are great news for those who SMS a lot as part of their work or geeks who simply have many devices. The Penna board also has wide compatibility with most operating systems as well as a toggle to switch between Windows and Android/iOS. Be aware that you need 2 triple AA batteries to use the keyboard and there is no wired USB connection in here. Also note that the board doesn’t hold large size tablets so well, similarly to the last 2 keyboards mentioned here.


    • You can choose your favorite switch type.
    • A distinctive minimalistic retro design with diamond keycaps
    • Pairing up to 5 devices via Bluetooth


    • No backlit effects.
    • Thicker than other retro models.


    The above 4 boards are the best retro keyboards I found. To my view, the considerable high price tag that comes with such niche boards is worth the special combo offered – a true feel of a typewriter with cool tech features. These keyboards are ideal for retro gadget lovers, typewriter enthusiasts, or those who look for a special holiday or birthday gift. You can also find in our blog budget retro keyboards, gaming typewriter keyboards, portable retro boards, as well as pink retro boards.

    Another option you have is adjusting an old typewriter machine to work with digital devices. Visit the USB Typewriter site to see how exactly. There you can either buy a USB conversion kit for your machine or if you don’t own a typewriter, you could get one of their already converted typewriter machines. Converted typewriters though are very expensive and designed especially for hardcore typewriter enthusiasts.

    To learn more about typewriter machines check the blog typewriters 101. There you would find valuable information on oldish typewriters and if you are lucky enough you could find also available genuine typewriters for sale.