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Who Invented The Typewriter Style Keyboard?

    The typewriter style keyboard is a recent invention that brings together modern technology and the old-fashioned typewriter design. This blend provides a special typing experience brimming with excitement – you can type and play games using the best tech features while enjoying the clicky, round typewriter keys! But how it all started? Who invented the typewriter keyboard, and why it became so popular? We’ve made some research for you to answer these questions.

    We found that Qwerkytoys invented and promoted the first typewriter-style mechanical keyboard – the Qwerkywriter – on Kickstarter in 2014. This unusual gadget has become that popular, so a new category of keyboards has emerged accordingly. Today you can find several brands that offer a variety of typewriter-style keyboards in different sizes, colors, and backlighting effects.

    A Brief History of The Typewriter and keyboard

    The first practical typewriter machine was made by Latham Scholes in 1868. Since then, various mechanical and electronic typewriters were developed and gradually replaced the pen and paper in the office. Since the early 1900s, computer keyboards have also become dominant, using the communication tech of the telegraph. Further technologies such as the VDT have improved the user experience with keyboards and made the keyboard more prevalent. Today the keyboard is the most frequent device at home and office. Here you can learn more about the development of the first practical typewriter and qwerty keyboard.

    Why Is A Typewriter Keyboard Layout?

    The layout of the keys on a typewriter (the arrangement of letters and numbers) is called the QWERTY keyboard layout.  This name comes from the first 6 letters on the top line of keys and it is the default design of most modern keyboards. As for today’s typewriter-style keyboard layout, it also has media and function buttons to pair devices and adjust backlighting effects.

    Do Keyboards Look Like Typewriters?

    Standard modern keyboards are slim, made of plastic, and decorated differently than typewriters. The keys are denser and have a square design. Typewriter machines, on the other hand, are bigger and heavier. They are made of steel and wood and designed with several height raws and round keycaps.  

    However, today you can find new typewriter-style keyboards that resemble the typewriter design and utilize competitive gaming tech features like RGB backlighting, N-key rollover, anti-ghosting, and media buttons. There are various cool hybrid keyboard looks today that combine retro style with modern design, for example, these special typewriter gaming keyboards.

    Is There A Keyboard That Sounds Like A Typewriter?

    Today’s mechanical keyboards come with different switch types that produce different sounds. The blue switches are the ones that make the most noticeable clicky sound, which reminds the sound of a typewriter. Mechanical typewriter-style keyboards take the resemblance even further. They use particular blue switches that give you a clicky-clack sound most similar to the typewriter.

    Are Typewriter Keyboards Mechanical?

    Absolutely. The idea of designing a typewriter-style keyboard is first and foremost to resemble the good old mechanical experience. That is what attracts so many typists to use these boards. The touch of the metal, the round keycaps, and the tactile feedback you get from mechanical keys – all bring you back to old times when you could really feel your typing. Here you can learn about the differences between typewriter-style keyboards and standard mechanical keyboards.

    We hope you found this short post useful and that you have now more context about the typewriter-style keyboard. Check this typewriter keyboards guide to learn more about the niche and explore the best 7 retro keyboards you can buy today.