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13 Best Wrist Rest For Keyboard And Mouse

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    Most of us use the mouse and keyboard with our arms and wrists resting on the table or workspace. 

    It can be straining on the forearm muscles while exerting much pressure on the tendons and nerves. Over time, the lack of proper wrist and hand posture can cause discomfort to your wrists.

    The best ergonomic wrist rest for the mouse and keyboard provides comfortable support to your arms, allowing you to enjoy an upscale experience using these two valuable computer accessories.

    You may want to look at their design, material, and functionality so you can choose what works best for your office setup and your working conditions.

    That’s why we’ve listed the best ergonomic products for working, gaming, and other computer operations for you to choose from based on your preferences.

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    Our Top 14 Wrist Rests for Keyboard and Mouse

    1. Best Overall: Gimars Gel Memory Foam Set Keyboard Wrist Rest Pad

    The Gimars keyboard wrist rest pad (link to Amazon) is comfortable memory foam with breathable pad material. It comes lightweight and durable, with an ergonomic touch. 

    Its non-skid rubber base offers a robust grip, keeping the mouse pad and keyboard in one place without sliding or moving about. It also has cushion support to ensure easy and comfortable typing –  great for the office, cybercafe, or home use. Its lightweight nature enables you to carry it wherever you go.

    The wrist rest can fit most notebooks and computers, improving your wrist and hand posture. It prevents the risk of wrist and joint issues while releasing shoulder and elbow stress when working on your PC for long hours. 

    It is designed with a groove, so it fits nicely on your hand. As you type, it will keep your wrists resting in a straight line to the mouse or keyboard. With smooth edges, double sticking, and press handing, you’ll never have to worry about it rolling up or splitting open.

    2. Best for Gaming: iCasso Keyboard Wrist Rest and Mouse Wrist Rest Pad

    The iCasso mouse wrist rest pad (Amazon) and keyboard wrist rest is another excellent product made with memory foam and ergonomic support to ensure easy typing. 

    It is ideal for use on laptops and computers. You are also lucky to be a gamer because you can use this wrist rest comfortably when gaming for long hours.

    The pads are made with breathable material with a super soft lycra surface. The keyboard wrist’s bottom has anti-skid rubber material, while the mouse wrist consists of a semi adhesive PU base to ensure no sliding or movement while typing. Both keyboard and mouse are firmly fixed on your machine to help you work swiftly.

    The wrist rests offer soft support with their curved design, protecting your arm and wrist while reducing any pressure on your fingers. They fit perfectly, allowing your hand to work naturally.

    It is excellent for office employees, designers, writers, gamers, students, or anyone who works extensive hours. It’s a great accessory that will help you enjoy immersive gaming.

    3. Best for Laptops: Everlasting Comfort Mouse Pad with Wrist Support

    The Everlasting Comfort mouse pad (Amazon) with wrist support comes with a keyboard wrist rest, mouse pad wrist rest, and ergonomic cushion for carpal tunnel. You can use it for typing on your PC or laptop and gaming.

    When using this mouse pad and keyboard rest, your wrists will be elevated into a comfortable position to reduce stress. It is constructed with 100% premium slow rebounding memory foam that allows wrists to sink into the mouse pad and keyboard slowly as you work and spring back to the original shape when not being used. 

    Its ergonomic design enables wrist alignment as the pads are curved to match your wrists’ shape and provide optimal support. The indents are strategically placed to ensure you correctly place your hands for comfort and proper posture of the wrist.

    With its high thread count and smooth surface, you’ll quickly pinpoint mouse accuracy and maneuver it fast in a fluid motion for precision tracking. Both left and handed users can use it. The keyboard rest has a groove that you can rotate to fit your right or left hand.

    You can use this rest wrist on every keyboard and mouse and work or play for extended sessions. Its non-slip bottom adds stability during heavy activity to ensure no interruptions while working. 

    It also has reinforced edges to prevent frays, tears, and snags. The product will deliver if you want a versatile wrist rest for working, gaming, or studying.

    4. Best Design: Kensington Duo Gel Mouse & Keyboard Wrist Rest Bundle

    The Kensington Duo Gel keyboard – K52920WW (Amazon) and mouse rest come with a gel pillow that matches the natural curve of your hand and wrist to ensure comfortable typing, clicking, and scrolling. 

    It is built with ventilation channels to keep your hands cool and dry when working. Its soft finish makes it easy to wipe the surface off any dirt or dust.

    Kensington’s built the Duo Gel mouse and keyboard wrist rest with style to ensure you experience comfort even with long hours of use. It molds to your wrists’ shape for easy navigation and typing.

    It is an excellent mouse pad with gel wrist support meant to minimize the pressure on your wrist and hand while increasing your productivity without worrying about the discomfort of extended repetitive motions.

    5. Best Ergonomic Design: Artiron Mouse Pad Set

    The Artiron mouse pad (Amazon) set includes an extended desk pad with stitched edges, memory foam ergonomic keyboard mouse wrist rest, and a non-slip waterproof mouse pad to use at home or in the office.

    It is large enough to fit your gaming keyboard, mouse, and other desktop items. Ergonomic design includes soft material, memory foam, lightweight build, comfort, and durability. It is ergonomically designed to support your wrist when gaming or working for extended periods. 

    You can move your mouse in a precise position and offer your hand a peaceful working environment to work the mouse. The non-skid backing helps to hold it firmly on your desk without slipping. And your wrists and arms will never get sore, stressed, or tired on its smooth surface. 

    The wrist rest is optimized for quick movement with excellent control. It can work with both optical and mechanical mice. It has a water-resistant coating that turns liquid into water drops that will slide off with some wiping.

    The stitched edges are pretty durable, preventing degumming, wear, and deformation with prolonged use. The wrist rest enhances your mouse pad’s lifespan and aesthetics and improves its security and durability.

    6. Best for Wrist Pain Relief: Mouse Pad & Keyboard Wrist Wrest Set

    The support set (Amazon) is a pad bean bag with ergo beads for the keyboard and mouse. It is designed to help you type without any wrist pressure.

    It is built with soft, smooth, thick cotton fabric with ergo beads to help your skin breathe with a cool touch. The beads provide a gentle massage that releases wrist pressure while stimulating blood circulation in your fingers.

    The skin-friendly and breathable fabric are excellently cut and sewn by hand to make it warmer, delicate, and easy to remove when cleaning. It also comes with an adjustable zipper design that lets you add a variety of dry fillers as you want. You can also adjust the bag height to fit your wrists and hands.

    The bean bag is flexible and non-stiff, and you can knead it casually to help reduce wrist stress while working. The best part is that you can carry the rest pad with you on the go. And in the office, it makes your desk look clutter-free, matching any decor in the room.

    It is a perfect wrist rest combo you would want for your home office, business office, or your machine. Its components include a square mouse pad, mouse wrist support, keyboard wrist pad, gaming mice, wireless mice, keyboard, and trackball mouse.

    7. Most Comfort: 3M Gel Wrist Rest for Keyboard and Mouse

    The 3M gel wrist rest (Amazon) comes with a tilt-adjustable platform, precise mouse pad, leatherette cover, soothing gel, and antimicrobial product protection. 

    The gel technology ensures a firm wrist rest that supports the hand and wrist with a soft, comfortable touch. The tilt-adjustable platform adds more comfort when working with the mouse and keyboard.

    The wrist rest’s leatherette cover is easy to clean using antimicrobial product protection, inhibiting bacterial growth on the surface, which helps to prevent staining, odors, and degradation of the product. 

    The precise mouse pad has a battery-saving design to enhance the optical mice’s precision, ensuring fast speeds and up to 50% battery life. It also draws less current compared to the darker mousing surfaces. 

    The platform also has a sleek appearance and operation, with tapered wrist rests and rounded corners that ensure smooth and comfortable operations. It can adjust positive and negative tilt for ergonomic positioning. The mousing surface is repositionable for those who mouse using the left hand.

    3M guarantees gel-filled wrist rests that are puncture-resistant and leakproof. And the micro-grooved surface offers battery-saving and extended battery life of the mice by 70%, which is what you’re looking for in your wireless mice. Its leatherette coverings are made using environmentally friendly recycled materials.

    8. Best for Soothing and Relaxation: TECKNET Keyboard Wrist Rest and Mouse Pad

    TECKNET keyboard wrist rest and mouse pad (Amazon) are built with wrist support and a memory foam set for your laptop or computer. It also comes with an ergonomic mouse pad for pain relief.

    Its ergonomic design includes a premium memory foam and soft, breathable fabric. It is a lightweight, durable and comfortable product in the office or at home.

    It gives you relaxation and a soothing sensation when typing, helping you release any tension you may have accumulated. It also prevents any wrist or hand injuries. You can use it for work, gaming, meeting, and more.

    The edges are reinforced to prevent damage and deformation during heavy use. With the non-skid rubber base, you’ll enjoy seamless typing without worrying about the unwanted movement of the mouse pad and keyboard. 

    The mouse wrist rest gaming pad and keyboard wrist rest are for gamers who stay long hours on their computers trying to outdo their opponents. It boosts relaxation, allowing you to keep gaming until you get desired results.

    9. Best for Long-Time Typing: VAYDEER Keyboard and Mouse Wrist Rest Pad Set

    The VAYDEER wrist rest pad set (Amazon) for mouse and keyboard has a padded memory foam hand rest support, making it an excellent choice for long-time typing. It’s crafted from solid, breathable material that can help you avoid getting carpal tunnel syndrome. 

    The innovative ergonomic wrist shape groove design makes it fit perfectly on your palm and wrist, allowing you to work comfortably for extended hours. The keyboard wrist pad has numerous massage holes and two wave-shaped grooves that rub onto your palm and wrist to relieve them of stress and discomfort.

    To prevent slipping or movement during use, the base of the wrist rest has an anti-skid silicone that holds it firmly on your desk. It fits most notebooks and computers, boosting your wrist and hand posture as you release your shoulder and elbow stress.

    While typing for longer hours, you’ll feel more relaxed and comfortable even if you stay late to complete your work.

    The best thing about this model is its 30-day no reason refund. If you don’t like it, just return it.

    10. Best for Office Work: BRILA Keyboard & Memory Foam Mouse Wrist Rest

    BRILA keyboard and memory foam wrist rest (Amazon) is a support pad cushion set to use in the office, gaming, studying, writing, and other personal work. It comes with a massage holes design for easy typing and relief of wrist stress and pain. 

    It has an artistic, sleek look that adds to your professionalism while fitting well with your office decor.

    The wrist rest is manufactured from soft, slow bounce-back memory foam gels and high-grade silky LYCRA fabric that delivers smooth, flexible, and odorless products that are comfortable to touch.

    With 46 massaging holes and two waved side edge grooves, you have all the typing comfort you need in wrist rest. The skid-proof rubber PU base will ensure steady support at all times.

    11. Best for Neck and Shoulders: Forearm Support Pauner

    The Forearm Support Pauner (Amazon) is an excellent alternative to conventional keyboard wrist rest. It works well with any ergonomic mouse, supporting your entire arms.

    Besides supporting both hands, this keyboard wrist rest helps to reduce strain on your neck, shoulders, and hands. Its surface material uses comfortable lycra fabric, while the inner body is wood and metal. You can easily attach it to your desktop using solid metallic fasteners.

    The Pauner armrest comes packed with forearm support and a mouse pad. If your desk is placed in a corner, you’ll only need to attach one bracket to the center of your armrest. 

    It is an ideal ergonomic, all-in-one mouse and keyboard armrest you need for your daily computer or notebook use. It will relax your arms, elbows, neck, and shoulders, allowing you to work without any issues

    12. Most Versatile:  JEDIA Keyboard and Mouse Wrist Rest

    The JEDIA wrist rest (Amazon) features a memory foam-based mouse wrist rest, and an ergonomic keyboard wrist rest support pad in two large and small packs.

    To alleviate wrist pressure, this wrist rest elevates your wrist in a neutral position that makes it comfortable to type. Its keyboard wrist rest has massage holes and two grooves on each side. You can use it in your programming, designing, gaming, or everyday office work.

    The comfortable premium memory foam and ultra-fine Chinon material absorb any shock to your fingers.

    It’s also wear-resistant, with a soft touch, firm support, and slow rebound on the hand and wrist. The base has anti-slip rubber for holding the wrist rest firmly in one place without it slipping off or shifting. You’ll manage to type fast without adjusting your hand more often.

    The massage holes provide ample airflow when using your keyboard and will also massage your wrists to relieve stress and pressure for a better typing and clicking experience.

    13. Best Well-Made: J&G Keyboard and Mouse Wrist Rest

    The J&G gel memory foam keyboard and mouse pad wrist rest (Amazon) are manufactured from a soft memory foam material with a quality cushion pad for hand and wrist comfort when working. It conforms to your wrist’s shape to offer a stress-free experience during long hours of work. 

    There will be no diverging, damage, or wear issues with reinforced edges on mouse and keyboard wrist support. Reinforcement of the edges helps them last longer while giving you a top-notch user experience.

    The model is ergonomically designed to redistribute the painful pressure points on your arm and wrist by adequately positioning them while using your mouse. It saves the wrist and arm tendons and nerves from rubbing and getting compressed, which can cause discomfort, pain, and injury. Using the wrist rest support cushions for wrist support ensures a neutral posture. 

    The anti-skid base prevents sliding by holding the wrist rest pad stable. J&G guarantees 100% satisfaction and a full refund if you aren’t satisfied with the product.

    In a Nutshell

    All the products on this list have whatever it takes for you to enjoy a comfortable and healthy working or gaming experience with your keyboard or mouse pad. But it all depends on your priority or preference. The best wrist pad for keyboard should be all-around, offering you the best of both worlds of style and functionality. 
    They are made of highly durable materials that withstand extensive use. And they fit perfectly on your wrists, making it easy for you to work long hours without endangering your health. Even some of the best typewriter keyboards come with retro, compatible wrist rests to make your work easier. Whichever you choose, it will be a worthy investment.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Is it Necessary to Get a Wrist Rest for the Mouse Pad?

    Yes, it is. A wrist rest for your mouse pad will help you use the mouse with your wrist in a neutral position. This support is helpful for your forearm, minimizing the pressure and stress on its muscles.

    What Does Ergonomic Mean?

    Ergonomic is a product or task that offers the user a comfortable experience. It is something that is designed with a worker in mind. It helps to drive comfort, health, and efficiency.

    Is a Wrist Rest Good for Gamers?

    Yes. Most gamers play intensely for hours, putting a lot of stress and pressure on their wrists. A wrist rest enhances hand comfort, making your gaming more fun.

    Where on My Keyboard Should I Place My Wrist Rest?

    Place your wrist rest next to the keyboard and ensure its height and slope angle matches your keyboard’s. Your wrists should be at a neutral angle with your hands, and the wrist rest should closely coordinate with the keyboard.