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The Best Typewriter Keyboards for iPad

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    Do you love the sound of clicking keys on a typewriter? Wish your iPad had that same experience but without the added weight and space of an antique machine? Well, look no further! The Typewriter Keyboard for iPad is made to mimic the feel of using an old-fashioned typewriter.

    This keyboard gives you all the benefits of physical typing with none of the drawbacks. It’s lightweight, wireless, Bluetooth compatible, and works just as well as any other Bluetooth device.

    So, if you want to relive those days when people typed out their thoughts by hand onto paper instead of tapping away at keyboards to create words digitally, then this sleek modern keyboard is for you. Here we introduce you to our top 5 picks that work great with iPads.

    Top 5 Best Typewriter Keyboards For Your iPad



    Main Pros

    Price On Amazon

    Qwerkywriter S


    Exceptional build quality. Classic manual typewriter-like feel.

    Ubotie Portable Typewriter Keyboard

    Can pick your favorite color

    Compact and portable. Amazing battery life.

    NACODEX Typewriter Keyboard

    Pink, or 5 other color themes

    Cute and lightweight. Power saving capability.

    Logitech K380

    Dark grey or 4 more other colors.

    Sturdy and portable. Easy to switch over multiple devices.

    Attoe Keyboard


    Lightweight and portable. Multi-device support.

    1. Qwerkywriter S Typewriter Wireless Keyboard


    Type a report, novel, or office work with this unique wireless typewriter keyboard. It comes with an all-metal construction from a scratch-resistant aluminum alloy, delivering an incredible feeling of durability and quality. In addition, the long-lasting battery adds to the keyboard’s durability.

    Do you miss the old manual typewriter? Well, Qwerkywriter delivers the same experience, if not better. Here’s why: it comes with typewriter-inspired two-piece keycaps with several improvements, such as automotive-grade electroplating and stability. Now, you can step back in time with easy-to-press keys and convenient, modern-day word processing.

    If you’re a professional writer or type warrior, you’ll enjoy the high performance of this typewriter, as it won’t drop any strokes or letters while typing. The wired USB mode with NKRO support makes this possible.

    Qwerkywriter features a programmable return bar that defaults to the ‘enter’ key. You may also program this bar up to 15 characters to produce signatures. You can also program it to execute the cut, copy, and paste commands.
    Did we mention it has an integrated stand to hold your iPad? So now you can position the tablet in its place and focus on work.

    Are you looking for the best typewriter keyboard for an iPad with knob encoders? Well, Qwerkywriter has dual knob encoders for regulating page and volume scroll – perfect when typing a lengthy document. Check the keyboard’s price on Amazon.


    • Exceptional build quality
    • Classic manual typewriter-like feel
    • Syncs with multiple wireless devices
    • Integrated table stand


    • It doesn’t have a backlight
    • It’s a bit pricey

    2. Ubotie Portable Bluetooth Typewriter Keyboard


    Do you miss your grandpa’s typewriter? Keep this adorable keyboard close to enjoy those memories. The UBOTIE keyboard (Amazon) uses ABS material to produce a quiet clicky sound to help you focus on your job.

    The 84 keys design gives this keyboard a compact design so you can slip it in the bag, walk to a coffee bar or co-working space and work from there. It also means the desk has limited space; you can still work trouble-free.
    Connecting the keyboard to your iPad isn’t tricky either. The stable Bluetooth connection technology works like a charm. It reconnects quickly after the device gets back from sleep or energy-saving mode.

    At times, dirt sticks between the keys of a keyboard, and removing it can be a hassle. Luckily, the UBOTIE keyboard comes with a fan brush that cleans between the keys fast. It’s also easy to set up, and the attractive colors will make you want to sit at the desk longer, handling your work.
    Besides the iPad, this Bluetooth typewriter keyboard is compatible with a MacBook, iPhone, laptop, Android phones, and more.


    • Easy to connect with your device
    • Compact and portable
    • The beautiful sound of the keys make typing pleasurable
    • Amazing battery life


    • It lacks a numeric pad
    • The keys may be too small for some fingers

    3. NACODEX 84-Key Wireless Ergonomic Typewriter Keyboard


    Whether you’re looking for an office or home keyboard, you’ll enjoy this NACODEX typewriter wireless keyboard (Amazon). It combines the smooth edge technology with retro design and modern style to create a comfortable and smooth typing experience. The typewriter keyboard matches the Mac key position with an 84-key layout, making it easy to adapt and use.

    The minimal layout design does not only save desk space when working, but it also makes the keyboard easy to carry to work or school and do your work effectively. It also features easily accessible 12 multimedia key combinations for more convenient operation.

    And you don’t have to worry about the keyboard’s power depleting because you forgot to turn it off. There’s a power-saving option to ensure that if there’s no operation for at least 10 minutes, the device enters the sleep mode and auto-disconnects from Bluetooth to save power. Besides, there’s a battery indicator at the upper right corner to alert you if the batteries are running low so you can replace them.

    The keyboard is ergonomically designed with round key-caps featuring a concave arc and matte feel to make your fingers more comfortable, so you can type for a longer duration without feeling discomfort.

    The wireless typewriter keyboard for iPad has broad compatibility. It can pair and work with most devices, including Windows, Android, iOS, and Mac. It connects with smart TVs, and the Bluetooth connection is easy.


    • Cute and lightweight
    • Easy to connect via Bluetooth
    • It’s compatible with several devices
    • Round and smooth key-caps for effortless typing
    • Power saving capability


    • The space bar is slightly louder when typing.

    4. Logitech K380 Multi-Device Keyboard


    While K380 isn’t precisely a typewriter-style keyboard, its compact design, round keys, and popularity made us include it on this list. It’s like everyone can’t get enough of this keyboard, and we’ll find out why in this Logitech K380 review.

    The first reason you’re going to fall in love with the Logitech K380 keyboard (Amazon) is its unique compatibility with nearly all computing devices. You can pair it with a Windows PC, Mac, Android, Chrome OS, iPhone, iPad, and even Apple TV.

    The beauty of its wireless connection is that you can sync it with up to three devices simultaneously and easily switch between them by simply touching a button. The wireless range is 10 meters.
    The minimalist layout is just what you need for a perfect working space (and day). The keyboard features sculpted, round keys to match your fingertips’ shape for a quiet, fluid, and comfortable typing experience.

    The keyboard’s small footprint lets you place a mouse closer for a better body posture and comfortable typing experience. The compact design should fit in your bag trouble-free.

    Do you want to beautify a workspace and transform your desk into a design statement? The dark gray Logitech K380 wireless keyboard matches your favorite accessories, including headphones, mouse, pen, smartwatch, and you name it!


    • Sturdy and portable
    • Easy to switch over multiple devices
    • Slim and compact
    • Comfortable to type on


    • Battery-operated
    • Not backlit

    5. Attoe Multi-Device Wireless Keyboard


    This pink typewriter keyboard for iPad combines fashion and subtle design. The compact 90 round and quiet key-caps with a slick and smooth edge technology brighten up your desk and device. The keystrokes are perfectly designed to reduce the wrong input and make the “press” quicker and softer.

    The wireless keyboard shows you the battery percentage in the Bluetooth settings, and if you forget to turn it off when not in use, it auto-offs, which means no draining the battery. You can sync it to your iPad, iPhone, and laptop, without problems, as it connects up to three devices.
    It’s compatible with iOS, Windows, MacOS, Android, which is why you can pair it with three different devices at the same time. Setting up is also easy.

    The keyboard delivers an advanced 2.4 GHz wireless transmission that eliminates any dropouts, delays, and interference, as it covers up to 20 meters within 360 degrees. In addition, it comes with two batteries that won’t deplete quickly.

    Are you writing an eBook or novel and want to travel with a keyboard and keep working from anywhere? No worries. Make this ultra-slim keyboard your travel companion and type as much as you want. You can also commute with it to school hassle-free. View price on Amazon.


    • Lightweight and portable
    • Multi-device support
    • Round and glossy key-caps for smooth typing


    • It’s battery-powered rather than rechargeable
    • The battery lid is a bit loose

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Can I Use My iPad as a Typewriter?

    Absolutely! You can connect the iPad to a wireless typewriter keyboard through Bluetooth and start typing on your tablet as you would with a mechanical typewriter.

    How Do You Connect a Typewriter to an iPad?

    Most typewriter keyboards connect to the iPad through Bluetooth. Simply turn on Bluetooth on both devices and pair them. Some keyboards support wired connections via USB, as well. If you want to connect an old typewriter machine to your iPad, you would need a special USB convertion kit.

    Is There a Computer Keyboard That Sounds Like a Typewriter?

    Yes, the typewriter-style keyboards sound like a typewriter when typing. Most also have keys designed and shaped like the typewriter. But they also have the convenience of modern keyboards.


    The typewriter keyboard for the iPad that we’ve reviewed today are all excellent choices and will make typing on your iPad a much more pleasurable experience. If you want to know which of these keyboards is best suited for you, take a look at the comparison table above or read through our reviews so far. 

    Regardless of what type of device it’s compatible with, each has its pros and cons to consider before making your purchase decision. It’s also best to consider the typewriter keyboard is wired or wireless, the key-cap comfort, design, size, and price. All in all, this list should give you everything you need when searching for the perfect tablet-friendly keyboard!

    Not found your best pick yet? Check out these adorable typewriter keyboards. If you’re a gaming enthusiast, we’ve got you covered with these gaming typewriter keyboards. Are you looking for more pocket-friendly options? Check out these budget keyboards.