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Rymek Keyboard Review

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    RYMEK Retro Bluetooth Mechanical Keyboard Review


    Craving a keyboard that looks like a typewriter machine?

    If so, check the Rymek keyboard review. This board has the most authentic retro design compared to other remarkable typewriter keyboards. Suppose I need to address one significant difference, the lovely metal curve at the back. This addon makes this keyboard a faithful reproduction.

    Beyond that, the Rymek has ergonomically saddle-shaped keycaps and a glossy, durable surface, contributing to the overall typewriter experience. There is also a one-side scroll knob in which you can easily adjust the volume while you listen to music or watch videos.

    The Rymek board is portable with 83 keys, a Bluetooth connection, and a wired USB mode. The return joystick is used to switch between the modes. This keyboard also has nice seven white LED-backlit effects, which can boost your typing accuracy at night and make your overall typing experience more fun.

    Some of these effects are amazing, such as the ripple mode in which the lights are spread when you press the keys. On the downside, I found that the Rymek keyboard can hold only 10-inch tablets and smartphones and not larger devices unless you use an external stand.

    If you wish to invest your money in authentic typewriter design, Rymek should be your choice. It has the best retro look, and it has groove tech features which make it one of the most excellent typewriter keyboards.

    While the build quality is not as perfect as other top retro designs, the Rymek can still serve your practical needs as far as you don’t put an Ipad pro or other heavy stuff on the back stand. Get it now from Amazon, or buy the keyboard directly from Knewkey official site.

    If you prefer a video review then watch this one:

    I hope you find this Rymek keyboard review helpful. You can also explore other pink typewriter-style keyboards or affordable keyboards if you are on a tight budget. You can also learn more about typewriter keyboards and view the top 7 in the niche.